Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean

Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean 1.0

Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean is a simple action game
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Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean is a simple action game where you control a cannon in a base while defending the place from the pirate ships siege (if you play in the British side) or British (if you play in the pirates side). Besides, Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean is totally free and you can download, install and play it, just simple like that.

With a simple development and a lot of levels ahead, you will spend hours trying to eliminate all kinds of boats and even submarines (yes, it may seem incredible but is real). However, the shoot is not direct and you have to calculate the trajectory of the bullet to hit the moving boat. Of course, you can get all sorts of improvements such as more damage, faster reload or even a wild white shark.

Graphically, Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean is a very carefully built game, but does not require too much equipment, because the screen is static and the only graphics load is the amount of boats on display. Thus its system requirements are very low and it will run smoothly in almost every pc.

María Noel Balla
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